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Pingrup Community Groups

Pingrup Race Club

Held annually in March the Pingrup Race Club is a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about community spirit. Check out the website for more information or contact secretary Alan Smith.

Alan Smith - Secretary

Contact: 0427 201 046 or 9820 1046

Pingrup Ground Improvement Committee

Encompassing local sporting group representatives the Pingrup Ground Improvement Committee meets periodically to continue to upgrade local facilities.

Tim Borgward

Contact: 98201049

Kent St John Ambulance
Donna Skerris

Contact: 0429 197 806


Pingrup Patchwork Group

Helen Thomas

Contact: 0429 202 724 or 9820 4048

Pingrup Potters

The Pingrup Potters is a group organisation consisting of more than a handful of local women and occasionally the odd tourist, who come together in the Pingrup Pottery shed. Located left of the Pingrup Sailors Arms Hotel. 

The Pingrup Potters get together every Tuesday at 10:30am until you feel like leaving. There is a fee of $5 each day you go or you can pay $50 for the year. Clay and Glazes are available to use, for a small fee, as is the furnace to fire your work.

Everyone is encouraged to join the Pingrup Potters group. The ladies are all friendly, inviting, and are more than happy to help you get started. Please come along to join in the fun and have a great time with many friendly faces.

Chrissie Franchi

Contact: 98 291 226 (or just pop by on any Tuesday)

Pingrup Lions Club

Doug Smith

Contact: 0429 201 012

2010 - present

2010 - present

Pingrup Church
Alison Furphy
Contact: 9820 6023
Pingrup Playgroup

Zoey Grant-Williams

Contact: 0427 579 949

Pingrup P & C

Simon Thomas

Contact: 0427 204 048

Lake Grace - Pingrup Netball Club

Chloe Trevenen

Contact: 0439 324 434


Lake Grace - Pingrup Football Club

Shane Carruthers

Contact: 0408 396 432


Lake Grace - Pingrup Hockey Club

Lisa O'Neil

Contact: 0427 828 357


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