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Government Information Booths

All CRCs have a dedicated computer within their centre providing free internet access to Government information. We also provide a diverse range of brochures, fact sheets and booklets on government and non-government  services available to you.

Visit our centre today to find out more.


Adult's, junior's, children's fiction and non-fiction. Biographies, Geography, Crafts, Cooking, Gardening, Fashion, plus DVD's CD & MP3 Audio Books and even some Scrap-booking utilities. Register for a free library card here at the CRC.

Public Computers and Wifi

Computers are open to the public for use to browse the web, check emails, print documents, and much more. Government websites are free to use.

Non-Government websites and other internet usage:

1/4 hr - $2.50     1/2 day - $15

1/2 hr - $4.00      All day - $25

1    hr - $6.00

Secretarial Services

Our CRC provides a wide array of secretarial services including:


  • A5, A4, A3       

  • Reports             

  • Booklets              

  • Pamphlets       

  • Raffle tickets      

  • Business cards

  • Glossy photos

        (6x4, 6x8, 5x7 Inches) 

The Corner Space

The Pingrup CRC has a gift shop that is great for last minute gifts for all ages, tourist souvenirs and local crafts.

Tourism / Community information

The Pingrup CRC has a selection of tourism related brochures and brochure-maps covering much of South Western Australia. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will also be delighted to answer questions regarding the area, or directions if you're on the road.

Curious about Pingrup and our history? If you have a peruse around the old school building, containing history-boards covering Pingrup's involvement in agriculture, sheep, shearing, severe weather, housing, wartime, and Pingrup war veterans. The old school building also homes a small but fascinating display of locally contributed historical memorabilia dating from early to mid 20th century.


  • Binding

  • Laminating

  • Photocopying

  • Scanning

  • Faxing

  • Emailing


  • Pingrup Post

  • Bookkeeping

  • Minute Taking

  • Conference Room Hire

  • Business & Event Advertising



Pingrup Community Resource Centre houses the Shire Library. Membership is free and the community is strongly encouraged to utilise this service.

Secretarial Services


We can provide a number of secretarial services for local businesses from printing and laminating to design and book keeping services. 


Please contact us for a quote and make sure you inquire about becoming a member of the CRC to receive awesome discounts.  

Human Services Access Point


Pingrup CRC is the local Access Point for Human Resource Services. Faxing, website access and verification of personal documents is all free

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